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Core Competency Statements and Selection Criteria Editing Services help you secure your ideal job.

If you are interested in securing a great role, we recommend you invest in either learning how to write key selection criteria responses that will get you shortlisted, or invest in a professional key selection criteria writer to edit your selection criteria responses.

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Core Competency Statements and Selection Criteria Editing Services

Selection Criteria Writers are trained to highlight your best skills, knowledge and experience.

Over the past 9 years of writing and editing selection criteria, we have found that the greatest challenge for our clients has been to think of relevant and impressive examples of their work experiences. Nominating which projects to write about, and what information to give our selection criteria writers has been the biggest issue, but it's one that we have finally helped to resolve for our clients!

We are delighted to announce that as part of our selection criteria writing service, we now provide access to our Selection Criteria Creator, which steps you through the exact process for giving the very best selection criteria answers.

You receive the Selection Criteria Creator FREE of charge, when you order our Key Selection Criteria Review and Rewrite Service.

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