Digital Marketing for Independent Contractors and Consultants

We help you promote your services and successfully compete with the larger firms.

Get More Contracts, Boost Your Revenue and Grow Your Practice.

Your digital marketing strategy is a key part of your overall “business marketing” strategy, and integrates with all your other business marketing tactics and activities.

If your focus is to attract new customers, then your website can help you do just that.

Our digital marketing strategy can bring an unending supply of well qualified clients to your door, our strategy helps you convert these qualified new leads into new clients.

Our digital marketing strategy requires:

1. A website and/or a blog – we recommend a WordPress site that uses a responsive theme (ie. that can be viewed easily on any mobile device) that concentrates on using authority marketing tactics to build up your reputation within your industry.

2. Social Media Profiles – Such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, YouTube. We advise on driving prospective clients to your main website from these social media platforms, so you can leverage retargeting tactics to advertise to your prospective customers if they leave your site and don’t take any action,

3. An account with Google – to receive feedback on how your site is going, and to build and tweak your webpages to increase the number of clients who contact you. Knowing how to interpret the Google Analytics reports gives you the power to know exactly what is working and what is not. You get to optimise your wins by multiplying the pages that work.

Your web site has the potential to become your best ever sales representative. Working consistently 24/7 and gaining momentum over time, it’s a sales generating powerhouse, and is not limited by time, geography or personnel restraints.

Benefits of Marketing Your Business on the Internet

Online Marketing (otherwise known as internet marketing, digital marketing or web marketing) offers 3 key benefits to businesses:

1. Increases sales revenue and overall profits,

2. Reduces marketing costs when compared to traditional offline advertising

3. Allows for the business to measure the effectiveness of each campaign, and accurately calculate the return on investment for each dollar paid on marketing.

Successful business growth is the result of comprehensive research of your target market, and thorough planning and execution of 3 – 4 key online marketing strategies.

Once your online marketing strategies have been implemented, you’ll need to have them monitored so you can evaluate your Return on Investment, and make tweaks and changes to the online marketing campaigns that are driving the best results.

3 Questions to Help You Attract More Clients to Your Business

When developing your marketing collateral, these questions will help you to know exactly what information to promote:

Your Ideal Clients – Who do you help and how do you help your clients to achieve great results? Describe your ideal client (include the Niche or area that you specialise in)

Your Packages – What product or service are you selling? How does this help them achieve outstanding results? What packages to you offer to give your clients options on the level of service they receive from you? (Ask us about the benefits of offering packages, instead of selling your time for money by an hourly rate. It includes receiving a recurring revenue stream and predictable profit margin)

Marketing – What marketing inbound and outbound marketing channels are you currently using to attract new clients?

For example they could be