LinkedIn is the Perfect Platform to Build Your Personal Brand

By 2020 50% of the population will be contractors or consultants and LinkedIn can help you build up your personal brand and attract new opportunities so you are highly sought after within your market or niche.

As an individual, the best way to promote yourself is by developing content around key topics relevant to your market. This content can be a combination of video, posts, images and white papers.

Once you’ve created a strong online presence through your LinkedIn profile, the next step is to reach out the prospective organisations. You can use the power of LinkedIn to expand your business network via the “2nd degree connections” when you are using the Advanced Search features of LinkedIn.

What is Personal Branding?

Your Personal Brand is the reputation you have, in the eyes of other people. It’s the way people perceive you….which can be somewhat different from the image that you believe you are putting across….

Your Personal Brand is created by the way people perceive you and feel about you. It’s about what you want to be known for in terms of your area of expertise. It also includes your essence, your style, your character, your values, and they way you communicate to people.

Be Authentic – The number one tip on defining how you want to be perceived is to be a tailored version of your natural self. Don’t pretend to be something that you are not.

Your current personal brand could be defined by asking: “If someone was to describe me, what would they say?”

If they were asked to describe you in 3-5 words….what do you believe your 3 words would be?

For example:

The number one goal of your personal branding efforts is for your target market to see you as one of the countries (or world’s) ‘go-to-person‘ for your area of specialty. There are many different ways to build up your reputation (your personal brand).

The 3 Steps to Create a Powerful Personal Branding Strategy

Step 1 – Define Your Goal, Your Personal Brand and Your Values

Personal Branding Questionnaire - Stage 1. Courtesy of Melbourne ResumesThe most important part of any personal branding strategy is to define

For example, you may want to be CEO of a bigger organisation, or to have your own consulting business and be the board of a handful of organisations.

Once you know the type of role you want, we work out the key strengths, expertise and innate talent you have to offer. If you want some questions to kick start your thinking, download this Personal Branding Questionnaire so you can start process anyway.

Step 2 – Articulate the 4 Fundamentals of Your Personal Branding Strategy

Once you’ve defined the key qualities and skills that make you valuable to prospective employers, the next step is to develop a personal marketing strategy to help you gain recognition and traction within your chosen industry.

Step 3 – Keep Improving

To succeed in this world, you need to be responsive to the market and anticipate what new products and services are going to be in demand in the near future.

Stay aware of what is going on in your market, and how you need to pivot so you are seen as a high quality candidate for the roles you want the most. The acronym CANI comes to mind as to summarise this step, that is the idea of ‘Constant and Never-ending Improvement’.