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We all want to feel appreciated and be recognised for our skills and talents.  Trouble is, we are so busy doing a good job, that we rarely remember any of our achievements or successes. 
When it comes time to writing our resume, or preparing for a job interview, we can hardly recall all the times we have 'gone the extra mile' and helped our company achieve its goals. 
It's hard to feel confident when you can't even be specific about why you think you would make a great candidate. 
You can see yourself doing a great job for your future employer, but you can't get passed writing the resume and cover letter - which you know needs to clearly and succinctly outline your key achievements and most relevant experience. 
Is Professional Writing Services the Answer?
You may be deciding if you want to get some professional help to create a winning job application.  You really want to get in front of your ideal employer and win them over in the job interview.
But to get a Professional Resume Writer to create your own masterpiece of a Resume will take time and money.  We're talking around 5 - 10 days and maybe hundreds (and hundreds) of dollars.
Worst News is that You haven't been able to find any recommendations and your scampering through the internet checking out all the Resume Writing services available. 
 Best CV Writing Tips for Australia
1.       Where are the offices of these writers? 
2.       How come they don't give me an address? 
3.       Why can't I come and see them? 
If you've made a few calls, you've now become very aware that there are some dodgy people out there who claim they are resume writers but are nothing more than a Word Processing Service. 
It needs to be said, that in the Resume Writing Industry, you do generally get what you pay for, .....you've probably heard some of the horror stories. 
You know that the Content of your resume is just as important as the Layout.  You don't have the time to waste in trialling out different services.
You just want to get on with contacting these companies you have in mind.
The fact is, You know You can do this job that you have your eye on, you just need to get a resume and cover letter that is going to professionally articulate your worth to the company.
How I Can Empower You with Skills
The fact is that you know exactly what you have to offer, more so than any other person does. 
You have all the information You need to clearly articulate why you are the ideal candidate.
All we need to do is tap into that knowledge and get it down on paper.  By following our system, you will be able to quickly and easily access the information you need to create your own resume that will clearly outline your key strengths, natural talents and proven skills.
This process is exactly the same that we, as Professional Resume Writers, use everyday to create Resumes that bring unlimited amount of interviews to our clients. 
By following the process, you are learning a skill that you will use for the rest of your career. 
Every time you go for a promotion or a new job, or even to reapply for your own job - you'll be glad you know how to write a resume like a professional. 
The world is changing, we need to manage our own careers, and have the skills to be able to do this effectively and efficiently.
Imagine how much time and money you will save if you know how to update your own resume?
The Resume Creator is For You If....
You truly believe that you have the skills and experience for the job that you have your eye on.
You can read a job advertisement or a job description and can recognise what the recruiters are ideally looking for in the candidates who apply.
You have a positive mind set, and can think 'outside the square' on how to solve a problem.
You are a proactive and capable person, who can see that what you do has made a difference to the people you work with and your clients.
You know how to use Microsoft Word, search the web and email your resume to prospective employers.
Just follow this easy Step-by-Step process, where I will hold your hand at each stage of creating your new professional resume, through my DVD Resume Creator Program.
    The Best News
........Your Resume will be in Your Ideal
Employer's  Email Inbox
......Before Other Candidates Even Have a Draft Version.
Imagine finding out about a great new opportunity through one of your colleagues, and all you needed to do was go home and use your Resume Creator to easily and confidently update your resume, and email it off to the right person? 
How quickly would your details get in front of the person deciding on who to interview for this interesting opportunity? 
Compare that to having to go through the process of asking someone else to do it, and then having to wait until they had finished the project they were working on (sometimes there is a 10 day queue) before commencing yours? 
You Can Learn these Skills, they are Easy!Save Yourself Having to Wait Around 
The fact is, there are some skills that you need to learn in life, and been able to write your own job application is one of them.  
It's in the same category as learning how to drive a car, imagine how disadvantaged you'd be if you couldn't drive yourself around?
I'll Be There for You
As with anything, the more practice you get - the more confident you are and the easier it gets. 
But if you still want a professional touch to your resumes, I am willing to give you some real support for the first few times. 
Just email your resume over to me at info@thepowergroup.net.au, and I will read over it and provide some professional feedback.
This is a great option if you want a Professional Resume Writer to watch over you and critique what you have created.
A System that Works
100% Money Back Guarantee
The Templates that are included in the Resume Creator have proven to get people to job interviews within 30 days of application. 
By reading over the examples and by watching the DVD, you'll be shown what the keys are to making your resume stand out from the hundreds of others.  This system will get you on the short list of your ideal job, easily bypassing the other candidate's applications. 


How will you feel when every application you put out will get you a positive response?  By applying this system, you will be in interview within 2 or 3 weeks of getting your applications out there, are you feeling ready for the next move? 
Look out, because after you have finished this program, you will have the flood gates open to you, and have more employers ringing you than you could ever have imagined. 
This is the time to get really precise about what you want. 
You are about to learn how to write a resume that will get you in front of any company you target.  So what companies do you really want to set your sights on? 
I invite you to write down 3 companies you'd be interested to send your resume out to.  Get a pen and piece of paper and write in big capital letters the company names, now stick the piece of paper in a place you'll see everyday.  (Maybe the bathroom mirror, maybe in the shower, maybe on your car's dashboard).
You see, this is your target - this is where your future lies.  You are going to learn how to attract the attention of these company's HR Departments and the Hiring Managers within those companies. 
Our system will show you what these companies want and then demonstrate to you how you can write a resume and cover letter to articulate exactly how your experience and skills will add value to the company's goals and future. 
You see what an exciting future you have?  You feel alive and self assured, knowing that your future is about to experience a very positive turn for the better.  
You are a competent person, Your brain has all the information about You, that You need, now you will use the information and my support to put it all down on paper. 
You are working towards your goals because you know you deserve this. 
Imagine in 3 months how you will feel working within one of these companies.  Do you see yourself in a job more aligned to what you are naturally good at?
In your next job, You are using the skills that you love to use, and you are really making a difference to your clients and the people you work with
This is your New Reality.
You have the ability to Write Your Own Resume, 
Win Your Ideal Job - and -
 You Don't Have to Wait a Minute Longer!
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