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Dear Friend,

Re: Welcome to Australia's Best Quality Selection Criteria Services.

Our Selection Criteria Writing Services have been ranked in the top 5% within Australia, and we are proud of our success rate in getting our clients to the job interview.

When you book your selection criteria responses to be written by us, you can be assured that you are receiving the help from a certified team, that includes a fully trained and experienced career adviser.

Our mission is to see that you move into your ideal job sooner and easier than all other candidates who don't use our service.  So if there is anything concerning you, please feel free to ask your questions, as we get busy writing your selection criteria answers.

FREE Bonus Offer:

When you ask for a quote for selection criteria writing, ask  for the  Special FREE Bonus that gives you VIP Invitation to our Exclusive Job Search Success Program, which is now considered Australia's leader as an online Career Success Membership site.
(PS  Make sure you ask for this up front, and quote 'KSC Writing Bonus')

You'll receive your special password as soon as your documents have been finalised, which will give you instant access to hundreds of pages of high level career advice that will see you breeze through the panel interviews as well as thrive and survive within your new probationary period.

Selection Criteria Writing - Price & Process

Melbourne Resumes are Certified Writers who write unique and highly targeted selection criteria answers.  With regards to price, we are considered to offer standard pricing for the standard of selection criteria responses that we produce.

Just a heads-up, you will see cheaper pricing for Selection Criteria Writing (like $80 to write 8 criteria), but the quality of the responses will be sub-standard, which will be a waste of your money and wasted opportunity in getting into your ideal job role.  

In this industry, you do get what you pay for, so you've got to think - How important is your career, Do you really want to get this next job?  Do you really have your heart set on this?  If you answered yes to these questions, then you may well be sabotaging your own career success by enlisting an amateur writer to help write your selection criteria.  

If you are not prepared to invest in quality writing services, then it may be best to learn how to write your selection criteria response yourself.

We quote per individual Selection Criteria answer, and each price will vary, as some are more complicated to write than others.  For example, selection criteria responses that ask about your certifications, licenses or qualifications, we usually write for $11 or for FREE.  On average, 6 or 7 selection criteria will cost around $200.

So you can obtain an accurate quote, and an idea of how our process works, we ask if you could email through the job description (and perhaps your resume), to us on info@thepowergroup.net.au.

If you would like to ask any questions, or speak with a certified writer immediately, please feel free to contact us on 1300 979 890, or 0468 489 790 after hours.

If you live in Melbourne, you are welcome to come and visit us in our offices located in the south eastern suburbs.  We love meeting our clients face to face!

Kind regards
Bonnie Power
Founder & Director
Melbourne Resumes

PS  Here is a broad outline of our pricing structure:


Professional Editing Service - please ask for a quote

$11- 44 per response

Support and Entry Level Roles

$33- 66 per response

Management and Staff Supervision or Highly Qualified Roles

$44- 77 per response

Executive, Director and C level Roles

$55- 88 per response

Response to Core Values, Core Responsibilities Statement- 2 pages

$265 - $450



PPS  If you are interested to learn how to write you own powerful selection criteria responses click here.


PPPS, If you want a Professional Guide on How to Respond to Selection Criteria Response, you may be interested in our Powerful Selection Criteria Response Creator which includes Job Interview Winning Selection Criteria Answers - already written or you.  It comes with a step by step guide that helps you write winning job applications every time.  With a 100% money back guarantee, this is a great offer.




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