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Ready to Step Up to the Next Level in Your Career?
At this Point inulln Your Career, You need a Resume that is Going to Take You Straight to the Interview. 
In today's competitive market,  you need a resume and covering letter that is going to otuline your key value proposition in a concise format.
You need a written set of documents that are going to use the keywords and phrases that will bring your resume to the top of the list. 


There Are 3 Ways We Can Assist You

We can help you create a highly effective career marketing campaign that includes:

1. New Executive Resume & Cover Letters - in an up-to-date format preferred by Australian recruitment consultants and hiring managers.
2.  Strategically Written Marketing Letters - to send to your Ideal Employers - expressing an interest in joining their team and outlining your key strengths and value proposition.
3.  Optimised Linkedin Profile -  created to attract interest of proactive recruitment consultants and hiring managers.

Your new documents will:

  • Highlight the Value You Can Bring to Your Future Employers.
  • Motivate Head Hunters, Recruiters and Hiring Managers to Contact You. 

We also offer an exclusive range Career Management services and products that are Guaranteed to work. 

What's the Big Deal with Linkedin?

You will probably google someone's name before going to meet them, and that 's exactly what prospective clients, suppliers and employers are doing before meeting you or making the decision whether to contact you for help.
LinkedIn is highly optimized, so your LinkedIn Profile could be the very first page that comes up in the search when people google your name, and your city.
Creating a Professional Linkedin Profile is now a standard requirement for any professional who is seeking to build their professional reputation, attract more job opportunities or attract more clients.
If you only have basic information on your LinkedIn Profile, You are forfeiting the opportunity to build a strong brand that is consistent with the reputation you have worked hard to create.   

There's now a sense of urgency for people to get their LinkedIn Profile Updated.

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"Had my interview today and it went well so I am now profiled with the Executiveteam and my manager is now  discussing it with the Founder and CEO so I have made progress....  Now for you - the CEO made a particular point of how good my written communication skills were and how this was an essential requirement. He made a point of how well the covering letter and CV was written - so full marks here! I am glad I managed to get Melbourne Resumes to help me over the weekend at short notice."
 - Name Withheld,  Aug 2011, National Sales Manager, East Bentleigh


What's Your Process?   What are Your Fees? 
This Page gives you an overview of all the services we can offer to help you secure your new position ..... with the greatest amount of ease! 
 You Can Rest Easy, knowing that you'll be satisfied with any of our products, as every product comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
There are a few different levels of service, depending on how much time you have for your job applications and whether you want to have a go at writing the documents yourself, or just booking a professional to do it straight away.
"I used the Templates to Apply for a Project Management Position, that needed my Application in the Next Day....Thanks for Having Everything Laid Out, I got My Application in on time!"
John H, Project Manager 

Discover what Membership to the Job Search Gold Coaching Program will Reveal
  1. The 4 Secret Tactics on how to get in front of your Ideal top 10 companies
  2. Resume Sample CFO
  3. Resume Sample CEO
  4. Resume Sample for Human Resources Manager
  5. Resume Sample for General Manager
  6. 10 Cover Letter Templates for Executives looking for the Next Step
  7. 10 Unconventional Steps on Networking for Career Success, with Proven Results!
  8. Uncovered:  7 Ways to Use Linkedin to get Promoted Fast
  9. The Essential 3 Part Formula you need to know to answer Behavioural Job Interview Questions
  10. Revealed:  How to Pass through the Computerized Databases and Secure an Interview
  11.  The 5 Hidden Online Tools you Must Use To Maximise Your Success Rate in Every Job Interview
  12. The 4 Biggest Dangers of Using Linkedin for Job Search, and How to Avoid Them.
  13. 7 Precautions You Must Take as an Executive level staff member, to Survive and Thrive in Your New Workplace
  14. How to Devise Your First 100 day Action Plan Blueprint to Optimize Results
  15. 5 Simple Steps to use Twitter to Build Your Reputation as the "Go To Expert"




Job Search Gold Coaching Program
+ Weekly Webinars & Interviews with Industry Experts
Job Search Gold Coaching can help you if you want to:
  • Start working after a period of unemployment
  • Develop a career plan
  • Change careers
  • Change industries
  • Find a suitable job
  • Start a business
What's included:
  • The tools to examine career options
  • The skills to market yourself with confidence
  • Personalised career management program
  • Career planning and coaching
  • Assistance in setting up a consultancy or small business

Membership Includes:
  1. The Job Search GoldWebinars: Provide professional assistance to answer your questions anddiscuss how you are progressing through these steps.
  2. The Job Search Gold Program:    Gives you the step by stepinstructions on how to conduct aneffectivejob search strategy so youare in your new job within 60 days.
  3. A Private forum:  Where you can network with industry experts and decision makers in your field.

1. Job Search Gold Webinars

  • Listen to Interviews and Speak To Recruiters and Industry Experts
  • Get Professional Career Support, Ask Questions and Glide Confidently into Your Next Job Interview

Join us once a week for 45 - 50 minutes where I will presentinformationrelating to the specific changes in the Australian JobMarket.
Each week, You will listen to an interview with a range of recruitmentconsultants, industry experts and hiring managers withinlarge
and medium size organisations.
Then therewill be a Q&A  session available where I will be able toanswer yourquestions or help you along with your job search.
If you ever miss a webinar, you'll be able to access it through your password protected Members Area.

So here is a summary of what the Job Search Gold Webinars:
1. A summary of how the recent economic changes will have impact on the Australian job market
2. Industry S
pecifc insight into a vareity of industries including Accoutning andFinance,Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Information Technology andGovernment.
3. Interviews with Australian's most prominent Recruitment Consultants
4.  Question and Answer time at the end of the interview, for you toaskquestions and discuss how you are going with your interviews.

2. The Job Search Gold Coaching - Home Study Program 
Value $97

The Benefits:

1.       Attract a job you will actually enjoy and that will appreciate your skills and experience.
2.       Huge Confidence as you walk into the Job Interview and Speak on the Phone.
3.       A Stream of Job Interviews within 2 weeks of completing the course.
4.       Save 4 weeks of job searching activities including tweaking yourresume, cover letters and trying to get out of work for interviews.
5.       More Money and a more flexible salary package.
6.       You'll be on track to becoming an Industry Expert within 2 years.

Receive All These Video Courses & Reports

  1. 7 Reasons Why You May Want to Leave Your Current Job
  2.  4 Questions to Boost Your Career Success
  3. Our Top Career Coach Reveals the Most Effective method for Exploring Your Career Options - no tests required
  4.  How to Get an Interview with Your Ideal Employer  ......... before any jobs are advertised.
  5.  How to Set SMART Career Goals
  6. Defining Your Strengths and Creating a Powerful Personal Branding Message
  7. A Brief Outline of the Future in 2016:  No Need  to Write Dozens of Job Applications ? How  Employers Will Find You
  8. How to Build Brilliant Content in Your Resume and Cover Letter to Accelerate into the Interview
  9. How to Find the Best Companies and Stick with Them for Career Success
  10. How to Tailor the Resume for the Next Job Application
  11. How to Tailor the Cover Letter for the Next Job Application
  12. Professional Tactics to Build Rapport with the Decision Makers
  13. How to Clinch Massive Interest in a Telephone Interview Call
  14. 5 Crucial Steps to Interview Success
  15. How to Increase Your Interview Charisma
  16. How to Promote Your Unique Talents in a Job Interview
  17. How to Answer Job Interview Questions to Bring on a Job Offer.
  18. How to Use the STAR Interview Technique to Answer Job Interview Questions.
  19. Introduction to the Interview Insights 60 Minute Coaching - The Talent Discovery Program
  20. The 7 Steps to Effective Salary Negotiation for the Australian Job Market - Professionals and Executives
  21. Australia's most Prominent HR Department Reveals:  How to Survive and Thrive in Your New Workplace
  22. How to Quickly Become Recognised as an Outstanding Employee
  23. How to Become an Industry Expert and Generate Massive Income
  24. Time to Relax, Sit Back and SWOT: Create an Action Plan  to Effectively Move Forward in your Career

100%  Satisfaction - 100% Money Back Guarantee
If you don't feel and see the value in our Job Search Gold Coaching Program and our Job Search Gold Webinars within the first 2 weeks, you get 100%refund.
There's no long term committment, you can stop your subscription at anytime.

Join Us for the Next Webinar
$47 for the First Month


(That's $11.75 for The first 4 Weeks of Webinars!)
$97 for each month after 
PLUS Bonus:  The Job Search Gold Coaching Program - Home Study Course
Receive $97 worth of Premium Career Management Tools and Resources
By using these tools and resources, listening and participating in the weekly webinars,
we think you'll be employed in a couple of months




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